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Medicare Supplements

Medigap or Medicare Supplements are still the most popular form of Medicare insurance.  People like their simplicity and acceptance by any provider who accepts Medicare. Since by law Medicare Supplements must all be consistent by Plan Letter make sure you deal with a licensed professional who can shop all the major carriers.  Additionally, from year to year the carrier with best monthly premium will change, it is prudent to meet with your agent annually to make sure you have the best value.  

Sup Table

Supplements or Medigap:

  • Private Insurance Companies 

  • Divided into Plan Letters  A through N.

  • Plans by law do not differ in the services provided only the price you pay.

  • Subject to underwriting after your Initial Enrollment.

  • Can be purchased at anytime.

  • Not subject to networks, you can use them anywhere Medicare is accepted.

  • Can be used internationally with additional charges. 

  • Rates will typically increase as you age.

  • Does not cover prescriptions, dental, hearing, long term custodial care or vision.


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