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7 Steps for shopping for a Medicare Medicare Supplement/Medicare Advantage

Medicare is a great program. In fact, most people report greater satisfaction with their health care in retirement than private plans or those provided through their employer.

However, with Medicare it’s important to choose the right elements in your plan. Here are a few things you can do to ensure greater satisfaction in your healthcare plan.

1) Evaluate your employer or private health insurance. Decide what you like and what you don't like.

  • Do you prefer managed care like a PPO or HMO? 

  • What about dental, vision and hearing?  

  • Wellness? Gym memberships? Silver Sneakers?

2) What concerns do you have about health with aging?

  • Is there a family history of a chronic disease?

  • Do you have current health concerns? Although with your initial Medicare enrollment, you will not be subject to a health screening.

3) Attend a Medicare seminar. 

  • These are very helpful in providing a general overview of how Medicare works, what is does and does not cover. It also provides you an opportunity to ask in person questions. I provide Medicare seminars in Dallas County almost weekly.

4) Find a local Medicare agent.  

  • Why local?  A large choice of qualified agents live right in your back yard and understand Iowa laws and local county Medicare plans.  

  • Additionally, they have a reputation to maintain in their respective communities.

  • Your agent should review your plan and medications annually. It pays to have someone you like and trust. 

5) Purchase your plan from a broker agency that can shop all the major carriers. 

  • Plan letter supplements by law can only vary by price not services. 

6) Use an agent who can provide you both Medicare Advantage and a Medicare supplement.

  • Selling Medicare Advantage requires additional licensing and education.  Some agents elect not to go through the rigor of the extra education. It’s important to have an agent that can offer both.

  • Even if you are set on a Medicare Supplement now in the future Medicare Advantage might make the most sense.  

  • Medicare Advantage is growing fast and should eclipse Medicare Supplements in the coming years.

7) And finally- enjoy the process. You are most likely approaching thehappiest time inyour life. I would like to believe that as a health agent I play a small part in that.

Feel free to call or email if you have any questions. 

Jon Kelderman

Licensed Agent

American Republic Insurance Services


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