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Medicare Advantage

Medicare Part C, later referred to Medicare Advantage, was introduced in the 1990's. It replaces both and Medicare parts A and B although your monthly part B premium will still need to be paid. Advantage plans are most similar to current employer provided plans and typically cover much more than traditional medicare. Plans often include dental, vision, hearing and even can include transportation, fitness and over the counter benefits. Unlike Medicare Supplements or Medigap insurance, Medicare Advantage plans service areas and offerings vary widely. A good licensed insurance professional can help you wade through the various plans and expenses. 

Medicare Advantage

  • Provided by Private Insurance Companies

  • Often have zero monthly premium.

  • Replaces Medicare parts A and B.

  • Managed Care: PPO,HMO,HMOPOS and SNP (Special Need Plans) Plans

  • Typically includes vision, dental and hearing.

  • Often includes even more benefits like over the counter allowances, transportation and fitness memberships.

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